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Sometimes, getting your car washed is a very exhausting experience. You have to go to the service station and wait for your turn to get your car washed. It may take hours to get it done.How about that you are relaxing on a weekend and someone rings the doorbell and you are amazed to see a person has come to your home for a car wash.Now it’s easily doable with Easton Hand Car Wash. Easton Hand Car Wash is a platform that provides you verified, reviewed and top rated car washers that you can find and hire to get your car washed at your doorstep.

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Just go to our website and let us know where, when, and how you’d like your car washed. Our technician will come to your car and wash it right where its parked. A clean car has never been so easy.
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You walk out to a clean car and never wait at the car wash again.


Our customers love us
  • I just got a deluxe wash package and interior shampoo and was blown away by the quality and detail of the service. I couldn't be happier and have recommend friends and family members to stop by for the best hand car wash in Portland.

    Dotti Newman
    Audi Q5
  • I think Auto Spa is the best car washers ever. Love the price, convenience and customer service. When I have time and want to vacuum myself, it is easy and cheap. They provide towels and spray to wash the windows and I wash my dash. Thanks so much.

    David Magnus
    Nissan Titan X5
  • Finally a car wash that does pay attention to the detail. I have a little extra time and money and I let them do the full detail and it always has turned out great. I use them all the time and now with pollen season upon us, they will be seeing my car even more often.

    Josh Williams
    Toyota Avensis
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